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Patient Representative: Jasmine Heuring

Supporting the CCTG AYA & Sarcoma Disease Site Committee

Resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba | CCTG Patient Representative since 2023

"During my own cancer experience, I advocated for myself through most of my journey. I never experienced a healthcare crisis prior to cancer so this led to a lot of frustration in navigating a system I wasn’t familiar with, while undergoing harsh chemotherapy treatment and extensive, life-altering surgeries. The one common element to both my professional and volunteer pursuits is the hope that I will create easier navigation paths for those that face healthcare crises in the future."

Jasmine is a cancer advocate and healthcare analyst. In 2015, at the age of 26, Jasmine was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in her left tibia. Twelve months later, after twelve rounds of chemotherapy and limb salvaging surgery, she was cancer-free. However, she continued to struggle with complications related to the leg surgery. After several more corrective surgeries, her left leg was amputated below the knee in 2017.

Since her amputation, she has worked extensively in healthcare finance and is currently a Senior Financial Analyst for Diagnostic Services in Manitoba. Having grown up extensively in small northern communities prior to moving to Winnipeg, access to care and medical equity are topics that resonate very strongly with her. She also sits on a study committee for young adults with cancer related to physical activity conducted by the University of Calgary, and shares her experiences as a young adult with cancer in the healthcare system with University of Toronto Medical students.

"I equate patients who become involved in clinical trials with modern-day explorers. They give their time, risk their health, and participate in these trials, creating a legacy for those with a similar journey after them. And for that, every new patient, and the general public at large, should be grateful to the clinical trial explorers that came before them."