CCTG Investigator Network

National and International

CCTG is an academic cooperative group that unites the efforts of investigators at many different universities, hospitals, and cancer care centres across Canada and across the globe. Any particular member of our network might have direct access to just a handful of patients who would be suitable for testing some new drug or other therapy; however, collaboration across the group ensures the possibility of a trial with a sufficiently large number of participants to make for a scientifically significant research undertaking.

The bulk of the support work to conduct a clinical trial is facilitated by CCTG, the central office coordinates the activities of approximately 2,100 investigators, including oncologists, hematologists, radiologists, surgeons, and nurses at more than 85 member institutions across the country. At any given time, we are working together on over 40 trials across Canada, and in collaboration with similar groups around the world.

Collectively the network brings together the knowledge, the skills, and the infrastructure to perform definitive clinical trials that has and will continue to change medical practice.

"I don’t think you could identify any cancer specialist in the country who has not participated in one of our clinical trials. This fact alone is recognition that you can derive benefit by being collaborative and partnering, and clinical trials are, by necessity, the most collaborative of research activities." - Dr. Janet Dancey, Director, CCTG.

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CCTG network scientists have earned a reputation for changing cancer treatment practices around the world. Part of their secret is that they ask the right questions and take a scientific approach to find the right answers, listen to some of the innovative investigators in the network discuss their trials:

Dr. Rebecca Auer is a surgical oncologist and translational researcher at the Ottawa Hospital.

Dr. Sharlene Gill is a medical oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency.

Dr. Rebecca Auer is a surgical oncologist and translational researcher at the Ottawa Hospital.


Matching ExCELLirate Canada funding from The Ontario Research Fund

It was recently announced that ExCELLirate Canada has successfully been granted a Research Infrastructure award of $4,159,049 by the Ontario Research Fund for the Innovation Fund Project Grant "ExCELLirate Canada: Expanding CELL-based Immunotherapy Research Acceleration for Translation and Evaluation".

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The CCTG CO29 trial, chaired in Canada by Dr. Jonathan Loree at BC Cancer

Funding announced for clinical trial that aims to improve the outcomes for patients with colorectal cancer after surgery

The CCTG CO29 trial, chaired in Canada by Dr. Jonathan Loree at BC Cancer, has been awarded $1,426,724 from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Spring Project Competition.

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Dr. Elizabeth Eisenhauer by Bernard Clark

Dr. Elizabeth Eisenhauer presented with 2021 Canada Gairdner Wightman Award

Dr. Elizabeth Eisenhauer, former CCTG IND Program Director and CCTG Interim Group Director, has been presented with the 2021 Canada Gairdner Wightman Award, for her dedication to transforming the fields of cancer clinical trials and cancer drug delivery.

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Dr. Cheung and Dr. Hay receive bridge funding - CIHR Spring 2020 competition

Dr. Cheung and Dr. Hay receive bridge funding - CIHR Fall 2020 competition

Congratulations to Dr. Annette Hay, a Senior Investigator with the Canadian Cancer Trials Group and Dr. Matthew Cheung, Hematologist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Together they received an additional $100,000 in bridge funding in the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Fall 2020 competition matching funds awarded in the spring from this program designed to capture and support ideas with the greatest potential to advance health-related knowledge in Canada. 

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