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CCTG members

Resources for our member sites

The Canadian Cancer Trials Groups (CCTG), works with researchers across Canada to foster the creative discoveries in innovative clinical research that will improve health outcomes for people with cancer. This means that CCTG investigators and trail teams conduct international caliber research, and Canadians have early access to promising cancer treatments.

Trial Pages

Each CCTG trial has a trial conduct page which is home to the related conduct information for our trial teams at our member sites.

Becoming a member

All centres in Canada providing medical care and consultation to cancer patients are eligible to become Member Centres of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group.

Funding information

CCTG participating centres receive funding for each case randomized.

Generic protocols

The most up to date templates for sites to develop their protocols and a history of updates to the generic protocol and generic consent.

Office of audit, inspection and partner compliance

The Office of Audits, Inspections, and Partner Compliance (OAIPC) is responsible for the coordination and implementation of all internal audits.

Disease site and IND committees

Each of the CCTG committees review proposed studies to recommend trials for consideration to the Clinical Trials Committee.

Standing committees

Additional resources