Disease Site & IND Committees

CCTG Disease Site Committees

CCTG disease site committees discuss proposals for new studies, consider their scientific merit and feasibility, and assign priorities. Each committee is composed of representatives from centres participating in CCTG trials who communicate their centre's persepctive regarding trial proposals.

Each disease site committee has a chair and an executive who review studies proposed by their respective site committees and then recommend trials for consideration to the CCTG Clinical Trials Committee.

CCTG IND Committees

The IND Committee advises the Director of the CCTG IND Program on policy matters and the overall direction of new drug studies. Members are expected to represent the views of their centres regarding interest and feasibility in proposed studies.

The IND Executive Committee acts to provide ongoing review of the specific program goals and priorities, as card card-body bg-light well as review and approval (or not) of specific trial proposals. Members of the Executive include the Chair of the IND Committee, Central Office staff, IND investigators, and basic scientists.