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The Frances A Shepherd Award

Application deadline is May 17, 2024

In recognition of the critical role played by the CCTG throughout her professional career, Dr. Frances Shepherd has provided support for an annual travel award to recognize excellence in clinical trials and translational research within CCTG research projects.

The Frances Shepherd Award will be disbursed to two to three investigators or post-graduate trainees, traveling to present CCTG related work at major international meetings where the material has been accepted for presentation. Each award will be $1000 and offered twice a year in the Spring and in the Fall. Applicants who have had their research accepted for oral or poster presentation at an international scientific meeting and have not received another award to support their travel are eligible to apply. The application deadline will be set in the spring and fall to coincide with the major international cancer conferences.

Each applicant must submit:

  • Application cover page: describing how their research addresses the eligibility criteria: Application Cover Page
  • Documentation that the abstract has been accepted for presentation
  • A copy of the abstract
  • Also include in your submission email the following information:
    • investigator/post-graduate trainee name and institution
    • contribution to the research to be presented
    • meeting information (name, location, date and type of presentation)
    • information on other awards received, or under consideration to support the investigator/post-graduate trainee giving the presentation

Applications, including all relevant materials should be submitted via email to the attention of Tracey St. John with the heading: Frances Shepherd Award.

How the winners are chosen

Each year, a task force will be appointed to select an award recipient. This task force will consist of at least the Director of CCTG and two members of the CCTG Scientific Leadership. Members of the task force will work independently to judge each application. Only information requested in the application will be used in determining the merit of an application.

Proposals will be judged based on:

  • quality of the research,
  • role of the applicant (generally having first or last authors positions),
  • the anticipated significance and potential impact of the study.

Past recipients: