New Investigator Clinical Trials Course

Biennial New Investigator Clinical Trials Course

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    The New Investigator Clinical Trials Course (NICTC) is an important component of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group mandate to provide and facilitate investigator education and training. The major goal of this three-day course is to familiarize new investigators from across the country with the essentials of clinical trial conduct in the Canadian research environment.

    The 2019 New Investigator Clinical Trials Course (NICTC) marks the seventh biennial year of the Course, which was founded in 2007. The next NICTC is scheduled for August 7 – 9, 2019. The course is held in Kingston, Ontario at the Donald Gordon Centre, which is a Queen’s University convention centre.

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    The 2022 New Investigator Clinical Trials Course (NICTC) marks the eighth biennial year of the Course, which was founded in 2007. The NICTC is held in Kingston, Ontario and dates are TBA.

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    Using lecture and interactive workshop formats, this course will provide an overview of clinical trial design and conduct for investigators in the field of cancer medicine. Topics will include the fundamentals of phase I-III clinical trial design, biostatistics in clinical trials, correlative biology, quality of life and economic evaluation in the research setting. Practical aspects of clinical trial conduct will also be addressed including how to set up a clinical trials unit, understanding and complying with national and international regulatory standards, contract negotiation, and career planning for the clinical trialist.

     Past Course Information - 2019

    Comments from 2019 Course Attendees

    • Love the enthusiasm of leaders, speakers and organizers
    • Very informative course
    • Great workshops
    • Will recommend to other future applicants
    • Overall great experience

     Past Course Information - 2017

    Comments from 2017 Course Attendees

    • Thank you for an excellent educational experience
    • Well organized, fantastic course.
    • Thank you, very inspiring and practical.
    • Great Course! So delighted to have the opportunity to come.
    • Great overview/introduction to clinical trials and correlative studies. Workshops useful in learning more about particular areas of interest.

     Past Course Information - 2015

    Comments from 2015 Course Attendees

    • Great course lots of high yield topics.
    • This course was amazing, informative and inspiring, thank you!
    • Fantastic speakers and topics. A wonderful opportunity for Young Investigators.
    • I highly recommend this course for all New Investigators.
    • Great job folks! Keep it up. This was enough to trigger my brain cells for a long time.

     Past Course Information - 2013

    Comments from 2013 Course Attendees

    • The Canadian Cancer Trials Group provided a valuable course for fellows like myself at an early stage of subspeciality training. I plan on disseminating what i learned here to my fellow colleagues. Thank you for all your hard work in organizing a great educational course!
    • Thank you for this opportunity. Truly a wonderful learning experience. Congratulations to the organizing committee and all the great speakers who offered their time and expertise. Highly recommended!
    • This was a great course and i would recommenced to every New/Young Investigator.
    • Great course, very card card-body bg-light well prepared and instructive!
    • This is a brilliant advocacy of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group which is a very good opportunity for us fellows to learn what goes on before a clinical trial gets to the clinics.
    • I really enjoyed the course. Great topics, great set-up and very informative. All the faculty was well informed and motivated which motivates me to further undertake clinical trials.

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