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CCTG Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Identifying cancer treatments that are effective, accessible, and affordable


Introducing the CCTG Strategic Plan 2022-2027: Solving Cancer Together

The plan identifies the scientific priorities for the Group: Understand Cancer Biology, Reduce the Cancer Burden, and Improve Cancer Care. The planned priorities, associated objectives and activities will lead to new advances in innovative therapies, understanding resistance, reduce the burdens of cancer, and show the value of these innovations. Equity, diversity, and inclusivity are core values of the Plan which articulates a vision for a future where a cancer diagnosis is no longer a burden on Canadians, and where the results of CCTG trials will identify cancer treatments that are effective, accessible, and affordable for all.

The resulting plan lays out an ambitious scientific agenda — #SolvingCancerTogether.

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Priority 1 - Understand Cancer Biology


This strategic priority will centre on trials of novel agents, cell therapy and preoperative treatments while looking to increase sample collection, characterization, and cross-trial analyses. The Group will increase participation in precision medicine and rare cancer trials and expand the use of data and bio specimens by researchers.

  • Identify and overcome therapeutic resistance
  • Perform broad and deep characterization of patient samples
  • Use efficient trial designs for precision medicine and rare cancers
  • Expand awareness and utilization of specimens and data
  • Trials of novel agents, cell therapy and preoperative treatment
  • Increased sample collection, characterization, and cross-trial analyses
  • Increased number and participation in precision medicine and rare cancer trials
  • Increased use of data and bio specimens by researchers

Priority 2 - Reduce the Burden of Cancer


Through this strategic priority, CCTG will develop a portfolio of trials and trial-related activities that will emphasize the assessment and reduction of the burden of treatment on patients and incorporate the patient perspective.

  • Evaluate interventions that reduce treatment toxicity
  • Reduce barriers to participation and address patient expectations
  • Use innovation to capture patient experience
  • Ensure broad patient engagement through outreach
  • Trials of treatment de-escalation and supportive care strategies
  • Broad eligibility, decentralized trial activities, participant communication
  • E-consent, ePROs, patient apps evaluated and used in trials
  • Engagement of historically underrepresented groups in trials

Priority 3 - Improve Cancer Care


Through this strategic priority the Group will demonstrate the value of cancer treatments by assessing value of new technologies and existing treatments as well as engaging policy communities to define health technology assessment criteria for cancer precision medicine diagnostics.

  • Assess value of new health technologies
  • Improve the value of existing therapies
  • Contribute methods to assess value
  • Engage health policy communities to improve HTAs
  • Trial design based on value criteria and cost analyses
  • Trials evaluate best value among standards of care
  • Improve and use new methods of cost analysis
  • Refine and use new HTA criteria in trials

Cell Therapy

CCTG will continue advancing the evaluation of cellular and biological therapies in clinical trials. A key component of Group’s strategy to advance cell and biological therapies is its leadership and support of ExCELLirate Canada. It aims to develop, manufacture and test innovative cell therapy products not currently available to Canadians. CCTG will lead and contribute to the clinical testing of these products and leverage ExCELLirate partners’ expertise to accelerate the adoption of CAR-T therapies.

Preoperative Clinical Trials

CCTG will create a platform to facilitate clinical trials focusing on preoperative therapies. Offering patients treatment options prior to surgery may lead to understanding cancer treatment resistance, tailoring of treatment and better outcomes for patients. The platform will have multidisciplinary expertise, support collection and analysis of specimens to understand treatment sensitivity and resistance. It will also encourage and enable supportive management to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life of patients.

Data Science

Data Science is an emerging interdisciplinary field focused on extracting knowledge from large complex data sets. The acquisition and analysis of clinical trial data is expanding to include biological data derived from sample analysis, electronic health records or mobile technologies. The Platform will expand capacity in the following three areas: data science (infrastructure and analysis), digital technologies, and real-world evidence. It will improve data collection, aggregation and analysis to inform trial outcomes and provide data to the broader research community.


nework iconNetwork Engagement

Network engagement activities will strengthen leadership, governance, research collaborations, and patient engagement. Emphasis will be placed on increased access to career development and educational opportunities for members.

CCTG will focus on:

  • Network oversight
  • Educated and trained leaders and members
  • Research collaborations
  • Patients as partners

icon trial capabilitiesTrial Capabilities & Platforms

Focus on trial capabilities and platforms will ensure timely, effective development and conduct of trials. Through optimizing data management, specimen collection, tracking, and processing with the development of systems, technologies and processes we will meet the needs of the network.

CCTG will:

  • Optimize the clinical trial delivery platform
  • Expand correlative science capacity
  • Enhance IT security & platform development

communications iconCommunication & Knowledge Transfer

Develop an integrated approach to communications marketing, education, and knowledge translation that meets network needs, while promoting CCTG activities and impact to the broader community.

CCTG will:

  • Improve communication across & within committees
  • Improve knowledge of CCTG activities & impact
  • Establish an education/training program for new CCTG leaders, investigators, leaders and members

funding iconSustainable Funding

The continuation and expansion of suitable funding is necessary to enable long-term scientific planning and the continuation of CCTG’s research initiatives.

CCTG will:

  • Renew and maintain current funding while identifying new grant opportunities
  • Support CCS initiatives while seeking opportunities with cancer charities and participate in public philanthropy<
  • Increase development of grant applications and annual reporting