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Supporting cancer clinical trial research in Canada

Most cancer treatments used today were first proven effective through high-quality cancer clinical trials like those led by the Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG). CCTG is a collaborative network of dedicated researchers, physicians, scientists and statisticians globally recognized for finding treatments that give people with cancer longer, better quality lives.

Created in 1980, CCTG is the largest cancer research network in Canada with over 5200 active members and 2100 investigators. The group has also created an important international network with trials in over 40 countries.

CCTG-led trials have resulted in major, life-saving breakthroughs in breast, colorectal, blood, lung, ovarian, brain and prostate cancer. Right now CCTG is leading a non-small cell lung cancer trial in a dozen countries looking to cure the leading cancer killer in North America. In 2016, CCTG was recognized by the American Society of Clinical Oncology for leading two of the four most important cancer trials in the world – an unprecedented feat for any cancer clinical trials group.

CCTG is the most significant cancer research investment in Canada in terms of direct impact on patients.

However, despite this record of excellence and the countless number of lives saved, CCTG does not have stable funding and has to rely on grants, that are never assured, to continue their work. This means that many necessary trials are on hold or are taking longer to complete.

For example, the Challenge Trial, an international trial expected to improve colon cancer survival rates, is showing great promise but requires funding to test the impact of an exercise treatment on colon cancer survivors. The lack of stable support has slowed trial progress meaning that a potential new treatment has been delayed.

As our understanding of cancer grows, we rely on CCTG to safely conduct clinical trials based on new discoveries. While other organizations support CCTG, it is not enough for the number of trials that are needed. The cure for cancer will come from clinical trials. Your gift will enable CCTG researchers to safely conduct the growing number of trials needed to improve the lives of cancer patients across Canada and the world.

To support any of CCTG's high impact initiatives contact: William Leacy or visit the CCTG donatioon page to donate online


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