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Patient Representative: Erwin Wanderer

Supporting the CCTG Genito-Urinary Committee

Resides in Halifax, NS | CCTG Patient Representative since 2015

"During my own brushes with cancer and even more importantly helping my mother deal with the cancer that ended her life, I realized that I was able to be an advocate for myself and my mother. It seemed natural, given that I had the time, and the knowledge and background and I am honoured to  continue to stay involved in the Oncology field as a patient representative in my retirement is an honor and a privilege."

In 2004, Erwin Wanderer was diagnosed with Marginal Zone Lymphoma in the orbit of the eye and was successfully treated with radiation therapy. Just a couple of years later he sadly lost his mother to ovarian cancer having supported her through her cancer journey.  Subsequently Erwin was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014 and is currently monitored or under “active surveillance” which means that he is in treatment and doing card card-body bg-light well.

Erwin has retired from his pharmaceutical sales and marketing career where he was directly involved in the areas of oncology and hematology with Novartis pharmaceuticals in Atlantic Canada.  When he first became involved with oncology through his work, Erwin was taken by how much more evidenced based this area of medicine was compared to other areas he had worked in previously. He believes that his work experience along with his journey as a patient and caregiver gives him a unique perspective in his volunteer role as a patient representative.

"I believe that being involved in a clinical trial can sometimes give patients access to procedures and treatments that they may not have been part of their original options. Many patients may also feel gratified by contributing to a higher purpose, by taking part in a trial that answers important medical questions."