Our group

The emergence of academic cooperative groups – which unite the efforts of investigators at many different universities, hospitals, and cancer care centres – has become key to the success of clinical trials. Any particular member of these networks might have direct access to just a handful of patients who would be suitable for testing some new drug or other therapy; however, collaboration across the group ensures the possibility of a trial with a sufficiently large number of participants to make for a scientifically significant research undertaking.

Here in Canada, the bulk of this group work is facilitated by CCTG where the central office coordinates the activities of approximately 2,000 investigators, including oncologists, hematologists, radiologists, surgeons, and nurses at more than 80 separate member institutions across the country. At any given time, we are working together on over 30 to 40 trials across Canada, and in collaboration with similar groups in other countries.

Together, we have the expertise and resources necessary to tackle the questions that improve the lives of patients with cancer.

"I don’t think you could identify any cancer specialist in the country who has not participated in our clinical trials. This fact alone is recognition that you can derive benefit by being collaborative and partnering, and clinical trials are, by necessity, the most collaborative of research activities." - Dr. Janet Dancey, Director, CCTG.

Global reach

Canadian Cancer Trials Group collaborates extensively in Canada and has a network of more than 80 main member institutions which includes over 2100 Canadian Investigators.  Internationally Canadian Cancer Trials Group has collaborated with single sites, and other cooperative groups around the world including Europe, Australia, and the United States.  Canadian Cancer Trials Group collaborations have included over 40 countries. Global collaboration is essential to the success of clinical trials and has been critical in moving the cancer research agenda forward.

CCTG is also the only non-American partner of the US National Clinical Trials Network and our senior investigators sit on scientific committees beside leaders in the field around the world. CCTG may not be the world’s biggest cancer research group however; cancer researchers around the world consider it among the most influential and impactful.

"Go to any cancer meeting in the world and talk to any leading oncologist, they may not have heard of Kingston, Ontario, but they’ve definitely heard of CCTG." - Dr. Christopher Booth, Queens Cancer Research Institute and CCTG collaborator.