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Dr. Matthew Cheung, MD, FRCPC, SM

CCTG Committee on Economic Analysis Co-Chair

Dr. Cheung is a Haematologist and researcher at the Odette Cancer Centre and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Dr. Cheung's areas of research include economic evaluations embedded into clinical trials, health outcomes research in hematologic malignancies, clinical practice guidelines and clinical trials in lymphoma.

"The increasing burden of costs associated with cancer interventions, borne by patients and society, is becoming untenable. The CCTG Committee on Economic Analysis strives to establish the value of new cancer technologies
in parallel with traditional results of clinical benefit and toxicity. The aim of value based
research is to improve health outcomes and the patient experience for all Canadians with cancer.”

Research Interests:

  • Health technology assessment
  • Quality of life
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Clinical trial development in lymphoma
  • Pharmacoeconomic evaluation in the hematologic malignancies


Publications: See current publications list at PubMed