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Dr. Joelle Helou MD, MSc

CCTG Quality of Life Committee Co-Chair

Dr. Helou is a Radiation Oncologist at the London Regional Cancer Program and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Oncology at the Western University.

She obtained her MD in Lebanon and went on to complete her radiation oncology training at the Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus in France before coming to Toronto for her fellowship at the Odette Cancer Centre, with a focus on GU malignancies, prostate brachytherapy and extra cranial SBRT. She has simultaneously completed a Masters in clinical epidemiology at the University of Toronto, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, and defended a thesis exploring the health related quality of life of patients treated for prostate cancer. Dr Helou also holds a masters in Basic sciences from the Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon. She has worked as a radiation oncologist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre from August 2016 to August 2022, treating GU and breast malignancies.  

Dr Helou primary research focus is on Quality of life and other patient reported outcomes of cancer patients. Her research interests also include prostate brachytherapy, extracranial Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy and health service research in oncology.

Research interests

  • Prostate brachytherapy,
  • Extracranial Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
  • Health service research in oncology
  • Quality of Life


Dr. Helou publication list (PubMed)

Quality of Life Committee

The Quality of Life (QOL) Committee was initially formed as a working group in 1986 and became a standing committee in 1987 in recognition of the growing consensus that there was/is a need to consider quality of life endpoints in phase III clinical trials, and to promote research addressing best practices addressing these endpoints. The committee is comprised of oncologists with expertise in quality of life evaluation, scientists with expertise in the field, research associates, patient representatives and others. Its responsibility is to provide methodological and practical support for collection of health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in clinical trials conducted by the Canadian Cancer Trials Group.

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