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Dr. Harriet Feilotter, PhD, FCCMG

Canadian Cancer Trials Group, Senior Scientist

Dr. Feilotter’s research is focused on the validation and implementation of biomarkers to be used in the screening, diagnosis or treatment of human cancer. Her research includes the study of DNA and RNA-based biomarkers in a variety of cancers, including solid tumours and hematologic neoplasms.  She is focused on understanding and standardizing the evidence base that accompanies successful transition of a biomarker from research to the clinical setting, as well as identifying best practices for clinical laboratory approaches to molecular biomarker assessment.

Through her engagement with OICR, CCO, Ontario Health and others, she is looking to bridge the gap between research and the clinical application of biomarker findings.  As a member of the Indoc Research team she also has a focus on data, including the proper handling and storage of biomarker data, the preprocessing pipelines required to ensure high quality data, and the analytic pipelines needed to deliver and share effective clinical tools.  She brings her expertise in these areas, as well as her connections to provincial and national advisory and oversight bodies to help to align CCTG biomarker-stratified trial approaches with current and emerging best practices.

Areas of expertise: Genomics, genetics, biomarkers, variant interpretation, validation, implementation

Research interests: Predictive biomarkers in lung adenocarcinoma, malignant melanoma, metastatic colorectal cancer, liquid biopsy for solid tumours, profiling in myeloid and lymphoid neoplasms, tumour agnostic testing, standardized variant interpretation


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