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Committee on Economic Analysis

NameAffiliationCentre CodeEmail
Dr. Alexander Louie MEM CAMN
Dr. Ambika Parmar MEM CAMN
Dr. Anca Prica MEM CAMP
Dr. Annette Hay MEM CANC
Dr. Bethany Monteith MEM CANC
Dr. Bingshu E. Chen MEM CANC
Mr. Carlo DeAngelis MEM CAMN
Ms. Carol D. Gordon MEM OO
Dr. Danielle Rodin MEM CAMP
Dr. Janice Smith Kwon MEM CAVA
Dr. Jeffrey Hoch MEM CAMS
Dr. Kelvin K-W Chan MEM CAMN
Dr. Kiran Virik MEM CAKK
Dr. Kristopher Dennis MEM CAKO
Dr. M. Neil Reaume MEM CAKO
Dr. Marc Kerba MEM CATC
Dr. Matthew Cheung CHAIR CAMN
Dr. Matthew Cheung MEM CAMN
Dr. Natasha Leighl MEM CAMP
Dr. Nicole LookHong MEM CAMN
Dr. Nicole Mittmann CHAIR CAMN
Dr. Nicole Mittmann MEM CAMN
Ms. Patti O'Brien MEM CANC
Dr. Stuart J Peacock MEM CAVA
Dr. Winson Cheung MEM CATC