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CCTG committees

Disease site, IND and standing committees
Monday, August 27, 2018
disease site IND and standing committees

Disease site committees

Disease site committees discuss proposals for new studies, consider their scientific merit and feasibility, and assign priorities when necessary. Currently, there are 10 disease site committees including brain, breast, lung, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, gynecologic, hematologic, melanoma, sarcoma, and symptom control.

Each disease site committee is composed of representatives from centres participating in Canadian Cancer Trials Group trials whose primary function is to communicate to the Group the attitudes of their centres regarding trial proposals. Therefore, membership of disease site committees is centre-specific and is determined by the Centre Representative. Disease site committee representation is available to centres participating, or planning to participate, in Canadian Cancer Trials Group trials in the site in question. A Centre Representative may nominate up to three members to sit on a site committee to ensure relevant modalities are represented. Disease site committees

IND and executive committee

The IND Committee advises the Director of the IND Program on policy matters and the overall direction of new drug studies, and to that extent serves as an extension of the Clinical Trials Committee and as a standing modality committee. Membership of the IND Committee is largely determined, however, by phase I and II study participation. Members are expected to represent the views of their centres regarding interest and feasibility in proposed studies and serve as conduits for communication within their centres.

The IND Executive Committee acts to provide ongoing review of the specific program goals and priorities, as well as review and approval (or not) of specific trial proposals. The Executive meets in person or by telephone 4-6 times per year. Members of the Executive include the Chair of the IND Committee, Central Office staff, IND investigators, and basic scientists. IND and executive committee

Standing committees

There are a number of standing committees at CCTG that are compises of representatives from across Canada who come together to discuss issues pertaining to growing and supportign the conduct of clinical trials research. There are twelve advisory commttees. Standing committees