CCTG Accrual Utility Is Now Available

The customized, web-based application to help member sites monitor accrual
Tuesday, May 30, 2017
The CCTG Accrual Utility is launched for member sites

The development team from left to right: Corey Willman, Teddy Brown, Patti O'Brien, David Judd, Heather Ritter

The CCTG Accrual Utility Team reached their final project milestone with the official launch of the Accrual Utility late last week. The customized, web-based application was developed by our in-house project team, who worked together to bring this anticipated solution to life.

CCTG Investigators, and other centre members as well as operations staff had been looking for a real-time, easily accessible, way to see trial accrual data. Some sites were looking for a centralized way to review and monitor the accrual for specific trials and others wanted to track their overall centre accrual numbers. 

The CCTG Accrual Utility enables members to see customizable reporting and real-time accrual information. Users can choose to look at trial specific totals overall, monthly, the past thirty to ninety days or a specific time frame. Sites are now able to compare their overall accrual to projected totals as well as expected to actual trial numbers by centre, region or country where available. Top accruing centres and investigators are also highlighted by trial

This is also great news for CCTG Investigators who can now look at their accrual totals for individual trials and at their site overall. International trial partners will be able to view all accrual information for the trial to which they are assigned as well as site information for sites to which they are affiliated.   

“The Accrual Utility was developed in response to the need for a comprehensive way to review and monitor trial and centre accrual,” said Patti O’Brien, Accrual Utility Project Manager. “We hope this utility will be a useful tool at member sites for monitoring and tracking accrual to CCTG studies.“

The utility is available to CCTG members.