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Possession of a password does not necessarily provide access to all the protected areas of the website. Access to select areas of the website is determined by membership and/ or participation in specific studies. For some international phase III trials, for those phase III trials that are contractually restricted, access is granted only if you are on the participants list for that study. Phase I/II trials are limited participation trials by nature and therefore access to these trials is restricted to those who are included on the participants list.

For access to restricted studies, you need to be on the participants list for that trial.


Members at participating centres have access to all areas of the restricted site except clinical trial pages mentioned above.


Single Study Centre membership enables you to access only the study pages of the trial you are participating on.


We have added a utility for changing or resetting your password in the case that you have forgotten it. Please refer to and follow the on-line instructions.


Passwords are restricted to members of NCIC Clinical Trials Group committees, working groups, and employees of participating member centres involved with the conduct of NCIC Clinical Trials Group studies. We do not provide passwords to the Members area of our website to industry, patients or the general public.

By signing the password request form, you agree to treat your password as a confidential document, and not to give it to another person. Information found in the "Members" area of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group website is considered confidential, and accessible to only those people expressly given permission. It is your responsibility to read and follow all applicable disclaimers and notes on the website.

For Canadian cancer centre members: Please complete Member Registration in Ripple at Your registration request will be automatically sent to the Remote Roster Administrators at your centre for approval, after which you can activate your account and set your password.

For all other members: Please print and complete the Password Request Form and submit by fax to (613) 533-6511 or email to Please allow 24-48 hours for processing.

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