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Confirmation of NCTN Participation is due for submission by May 8th

To ensure the security and safety of National Cancer Institute (NCI) systems, subjects, research staff, and all associated sensitive information, NCI introduced an identity verification system to access to the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP) and the Cancer Trails Support Unit (CTSU) websites in accordance with the Federal Information Security Management Act(FISMA) in July 2022. This new process uses, and requires completion of Identity Proofing (IP) and establishment of a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) method as part of the registration process. This new process is applicable to all accessing CTEP and CTSU systems, including Canadians.

In follow up to previously circulated information, CTEP has provided the following updates to the account activation process to address concerns and support continued collaboration/participation:

  • The deadline to activate an account, with completion of IP and identification of an MFA method, has changed from 1-JUL-2023 to 1-JAN-2024.
  • The identity proofing requirement for Canadian investigators and research staff will be changing from passport to Canadian driver’s license. A passport is no longer required to be submitted.
  • There are no additional changes to the 2-factor authentication requirement.

Implementation of the changes above are targeted for 1-JUN-2023. During this time, Canadian research staff may follow these processes as an alternate to completing the existing process:

  • Re-registration – Select IAM and bypass the requirement.  The current workflow supports this already.
  • New Registration – contact the CTEP IAM help desk  to request an IAM (vs account.  This is also the same manual process that has been in place previously.
  • To assist with communications and information transfer for the new process, a resources section has been added to the CCTG Member Updates webpage.

To date, we have:

  • Conveyed to NCI the Canadian investigator and staff concerns about providing identifying information and its retention, and that these concerns may limit enrollment of Canadian investigators and staff.
  • Clarified requirements of the process, and established resources and contacts for sites who request additional information.
  • Reviewed the requirements to determine if and systems provide the best security/privacy, and to ensure this request was in line with Canadian regulations and Institutional policies
  • Escalated discussions as required, seeking input from external relevant parties.

Now we are moving forward with our Management Plan to understand each centres plan for NCTN participation moving forward.  Membership packages were sent to Centre Representatives and Contact CRAs on March 27th and the confirmation of NCTN Participation is due for submission by May 8th. This confirmation will form the basis for next steps.  We will continue to work with our centres and navigate this situation together. 

For questions, please contact our help desk at

Thank you for your continued support.