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CCTG Poster presentations at ASCO 2023

If you are attending ASCO 2023 make sure to visit one of the many CCTG study poster presentations at the upcoming American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2022 Annual Meeting, to be held in-person on June 2-6, 2023, in Chicago, Illinois.


NRG-BR007: A phase III trial evaluating de-escalation of breast radiation (DEBRA) following breast-conserving surgery (BCS) of stage 1, HR+, HER2-, RS ≤18 breast cancer

Poster Session TPS623

Authors: Julia White, Reena Cecchini, Eleanor Harris, Eleftherios Mamounas, Daniel Stover, Patricia Ganz, Reshma Jagsi, Stewart Anderson, Carmen Bergom, Valerie Theberge, Mahmoud El-Tamer, Richard Zellars, Dean Shumway, Guang-Pei Chen, Thomas Julian, Norman Wolmark, Annabel Goodwin


Artificial intelligence–derived immune phenotypes for prediction of prognosis in patients with stage III colon cancer (NCCTG N0147; Alliance)

Poster Session 3542

Authors: Bahar Saberzadeh Ardestani, Garth Nelson, Diana Segovia, Yoojoo Lim, Dongyao Yan, Kandavel Shanmugam, Steven Alberts, Gahee Park, Qian Shi, Chan-Young Ock, Frank Sinicrope


Phase II/III study of circulating tumor DNA as a predictive biomarker in adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with stage II colon cancer: NRG-GI005 (COBRA)

Poster Session TPS3625

Authors: Van Morris, Greg Yothers, Scott Kopetz, Shannon Puhalla, Peter Lucas, Atif Iqbal, Patrick Boland, Dustin Deming, Aaron Scott, Howard Lim, Theodore Hong, Norman Wolmark, Thomas George


Colon adjuvant chemotherapy based on evaluation of residual disease (CIRCULATE-US): NRG-GI008

Poster Session TPS3634

Authors: Arvind Dasari, Guan Yu, Scott Kopetz, Samuel Jacobs, Peter Lucas, Ibrahim Sahin, Dustin Deming, Philip Philip, Theodore Hong, Yesenia Rojas-Khalil, Jonathan Loree, Norman Wolmark, Greg Yothers, Thomas George, Christopher Lieu


Reversion of RAS mutations in metastatic colorectal cancer in the CCTG CO.26 clinical trial

Poster Session 3567

Authors: Florence Wu, James Topham, Christopher O'Callaghan, Harriet Feilotter, Hagen Kennecke, Kimberly Banks, Daniel Renouf, Derek Jonker, Dongsheng Tu, Eric Chen, Jonathan Loree


Plasma arginine as a candidate predictive biomarker for response to immune checkpoint inhibition (ICI) in metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC): Analysis of the CCTG CO.26 trial.

Poster Session 3545

Authors: Lucy Ma, Jonathan Loree, Derek Jonker, Hagen Kennecke, Scott Berry, Felix Couture, Chaudhary Ahmad, John Goffin, Petr Kavan, Mohammed Harb, Bruce Colwell, Setareh Samimi, Benoit Samson, Tahir Abbas, Nathalie Aucoin, Francine Aubin, Sheryl Koski, Dongsheng Tu, Christopher O'Callaghan, Eric Chen


Impact of positive resection margins on recurrence and survival following resection and adjuvant chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer: Results of the PRODIGE 24-CCTG PA-6 trial

Poster Session 4160

Authors: Aurélien Lambert, Julia Salleron, Alexandre Harle, James Biagi, Agnès Leroux, Jacques Thomas, Laure Monard, Jerome Cros, Frédéric Marchal, Ahmet Ayav, Thierry Conroy

CCTG PAC3 (A021806)

Alliance A021806: A phase III trial evaluating perioperative versus adjuvant therapy for resectable pancreatic cancer.

Poster Session TPS4204

Authors: Akhil Chawla, Qian Shi, Andrew Ko, Shaalan Beg, Anna Varghese, Stephen Behrman, Mark Bloomston, Firas Ahmed, Wendy Frankel, Jesse Dixon, Xiomara Carrero, Ardaman Shergill, Jamie Crawley, Oguz Akin, Daniel Renouf, George Zogopoulos, Joleen Hubbard, Jeffrey Meyerhardt, Eileen O'Reilly, Cristina Ferrone

CCTG BLC5 (A032001)

MAIN-CAV: Phase III randomized trial of maintenance cabozantinib and avelumab versus avelumab after first-line platinum-based chemotherapy in patients (pts) with metastatic urothelial cancer (mUC; Alliance A032001)

Poster Session TPS4609

Authors: Shilpa Gupta, Karla Ballman, Matt Galsky, Michael Morris, Srikala Sridhar, Ronald Chen, Timothy Chan, Yujia Wen, Petros Grivas, Alan Tan, Shiva Baghaie, Jonathan Rosenberg

CCTG GCC1 (S1823)

SWOG S1823: Translational observational investigational study of the liquid biomarker microRNA 371a-3p in newly diagnosed germ cell tumours—Real-world trial design, rapid accrual, and robust secondary use of data opportunities

Poster Session TPS5103

Authors: Antoine Morin Coulombe, Guliz Ozgun, Rebecca Johnson, Mark Lewis, Nabil Adra, Scott Eggener, Bruce Roth, Christopher Ryan, Christopher Porter, Fred Millard, Thomas Jang, Robert Hamilton, Lawrence Einhorn, Christian Kollmannsberger, Kathryn Arnold, Charles Blanke, Siamak Daneshmand, Craig Nichols, Lucia Nappi, Andrea Harzstark

CCTG REC3 (S1500)

Pathologic concordance rate and outcomes by histologic subtype in advanced papillary renal cell (pRCC) carcinoma: An analysis from the SWOG S1500 (PAPMET) trial

Poster Session 4562

Authors: Abhishek Tripathi, Catherine Tangen, Xiaochen Li, Maria Tretiakova, Peter Humphrey, Adebowale Adeniran, Pedro Barata, Shuchi Gulati, Cristiane Bergerot, Deepak Pruthi, Ian Thompson, Primo Lara, Sumanta Pal, Brian Shuch

CCTG REC4 (EA8143)

Core biopsy (bx) accuracy and safety of biopsy and preoperative immunotherapy in predicting histological subtype and nuclear grade in ECOG-ACRIN EA8143 perioperative nivolumab (nivo) versus observation in patients (pts) with renal cell carcinoma (RCC) undergoing nephrectomy

Poster Session 4541

Authors: Naomi Haas, Se Kim, David McDermott, Viraj Master, Sabina Signoretti, Mahmut Akgul, Nick Baniak, Elsa Tapia, Matthew Palmer, Hamid Emamekhoo, Bradley Leibovich, Brian Shuch, Anil Kapoor, M. Dror Michaelson, Gennady Bratslavsky, Michael Carducci, Mohamad Allaf


CCTG EN10: A phase II study of tailored adjuvant therapy in POLE-mutated and p53-wildtype/NSMP early-stage endometrial cancer (EC)—RAINBO BLUE and TAPER.

Poster Session TPS5632

Authors: Jessica McAlpine, Kathy Han, Mary Kinloch, Maroie Barkati, Sarah Ferguson, Anthony Fyles, Fleur Huang, Iwa Kong, Janice Kwon, Helen Mackay, Mark Carey, Stephen Welch, Tjalling Bosse, Carien Creutzberg, Nanda Horeweg, Alexandra Leary, WenLing Liu, Dongsheng Tu, Wendy Parulekar


CCTG HN11: SPECT-CT guided elective contralateral neck treatment (SELECT) for patients with lateralized oropharyngeal cancer—A phase III randomized controlled trial.

Poster Session TPS6114

Authors: John de Almeida, Wendy Parulekar, Apostolos Christopoulos, Isabelle Gauthier, Rosemary Martino, Andrea McNiven, Anthony Nichols, Ambika Parmar, Eitan Prisman, Jolie Ringash, Martin Smoragiewicz, Rathan Subramaniam, John Waldron, Steven Chinn, James Bates, Kate Whelan, Wei Tu, Ali Hosni


Comparing the time toxicity of cancer treatments in the CCTG LY12 trial

Poster Session 12135

Authors: Arjun Gupta, Annette Hay, Michael Crump, Marina Djurfeldt, Liting Zhu, Matthew Cheung, Lois Shepherd, Bingshu Chen, Christopher Booth

Accrual of adolescents and young adults (AYA) into cancer clinical trials in Canada

Publication Only e13598

Authors: Mariam Jafri, Corey Willman, Alison May Urton, Jan-Willem Henning, Lesleigh S. Abbott, Kelly Davison, Mohamed A. Akra, Lesley Seymour, Janet Ellen Dancey, Annette E. Hay



A phase II study of durvalumab re-treatment +/- prednisone in patients who discontinued prior checkpoint therapy due to immune related toxicity (CCTG IND.238A)

Poster Session TPS2673

Authors: Peter Ellis, Sara Taylor, Penelope Bradbury, John Goffin, Rosalyn Juergens, Scott Laurie, Geoffrey Liu, Jennifer Spratlin, Nicole Chau, Danielle Charpentier, Courtney Coschi, Joana Sederias, Siwei Zhang, Dongsheng Tu, Lesley Seymour, Pierre-Olivier Gaudreau


IND240 (CRI-CCTG-0003) An immunotherapy platform study in platinum-resistant high grade serous ovarian cancer (IPROC)

Poster Session TPS5617

Authors: Helen Mackay, Anna Tinker, Brad Nelson, Dmitriy Zamarin, Kunle Odunsi, Stephanie Lheureux, Susan Ellard, Alannah Smrke, Pierre-Olivier Gaudreau, Tess Faulkner, Ana Saez-Ibanez, Dongsheng Tu, Janet Dancey