Canadian Cancer Statistics: A 2022 special report on cancer prevalence

Canadian Cancer Statistics provides comprehensive surveillance statistics on cancer in Canada. The full publication is produced every second year and includes detailed statistics on incidence, mortality and survival by sex, age group, geographic region and time period for 20+ cancer types. In alternate years, a special report is released as well as current-year projected estimates of incidence and mortality.

The publication is written for health professionals, researchers and policy makers, but other audiences will also find the information useful.

Canadian Cancer Statistics is developed by the Canadian Cancer Statistics Advisory Committee in collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Society, Statistics Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, with data provided by the provincial and territorial cancer registries.

The number of Canadians living with and surviving cancer has reached 1.5 million, according to new data that reveals that the number of people in Canada with cancer is increasing. The data, released  by the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), contains cancer prevalence figures looking back over the last 25 years — the first of its kind in Canada to provide this kind of long-term prevalence snapshot.


Download 2022 special report on cancer prevalence


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