3CTN Precision Oncology Map

With funding provided through the Precision Oncology Patient Innovation Award from Bayer, the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network (3CTN) will create the Precision Oncology Map, a uniquely comprehensive, visual representation of all cancer clinical trials active in Canada that have a focus on precision medicine. The goal is to go beyond existing trial registry data to make it easier for cancer patients, their caregivers and the research community to locate suitable clinical trials, particularly precision medicine trials involving specific biomarkers and targeted therapies.

“Our vision is to have a quick and easy way to identify relevant precision medicine clinical trials,” says Dr. Janet Dancey, Scientific Director, 3CTN, CCTG Director. “This project will help the cancer community, as clinical trials are essential for advancing health and scientific knowledge and providing early access to innovative therapies that may be the only treatment option available.”

Patients and clinicians will be able to intuitively search the approximately 1000 actively recruiting clinical trials within the Precision Oncology Map based on cancer type, tumour status, treatment, and biomarkers. Additional filters will enable selectivity based on site locations and other categories of special interest. In addition, trial sponsors and investigators can benefit from access to a customizable display of the current trial landscape to better identify clinical research gaps and inform future priorities.

“Precision medicine allows people affected by cancer to receive personalized treatment. With this Map, cancer patients will be able to find a precision medicine trial faster. A clinical trial can be the difference between life and death. Being able to quickly find the right trial matters,” says Jill Hamer-Wilson, 3CTN Patient Representative, CCTG Patient Representative and Lung Cancer Survivor Advocate.

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