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Closed to Accrual: MA.32D (Alliance A211201?)

MA.32D (Alliance A211201)study, Change In Mammographic Density with Metformin Use: A Companion Study to NCIC CTG Study MA.32 is now closed to accrual as of Friday, October 13. Although this study did not reach it's planned sample size, as many patients as possible have been enrolled from the MA.32 study.

This clinical trial studies changes in breast density in patients with early-stage breast cancer treated with metformin hydrochloride or placebo on National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC)-MA.32. Learning about the effect of metformin hydrochloride in breast density of women with early-stage breast cancer may help plan treatment.

Objectives: To evaluate the change in percent mammographic density in contralateral (unaffected breast) from prior to the initiation of metformin or placebo treatment through one year of therapy in patients with hormone receptor negative breast cancer (i.e. not on endocrine therapy).

For more information please contact CCTG Study Coordinator Yvonne Murray