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NCTN new Registration and Credential Repository

The National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) launched a new Registration and Credential Repository (RCR) system on Monday, July 31st, 2017. RCR is a self-service online person registration application with electronic signature and document submission capability. The RCR recognizes five types of registered users:
Registration Type Description Annual Registration
Investigator (IVR) Licensed MD, DO, or equivalent RCR
Non-Physician Investigator (NPIVR) Advanced practice clinical staff who may act as study principal investigators (PI), site-protocol PIs, or enrolling PIs in OPEN for select studies. RCR
Associate Plus (AP) Clinical site staff integral to the conduct of NCI-supported studies that require write access to NCI-supported applications. e.g. an individual responsible for obtaining consent from patients. RCR
Associate (A) Other clinical or administrative staff that require view access to NCI-supported applications but act in a supporting role (ordering designees, regulatory submissions, etc.). IAM
Associate Basic (AB) Individuals that require limited access to select NCI-supported applications. ABs will not have access to the CTSU website. IAM

All individuals involved in the conduct of NCI-supported trials as IVR, NPIVR, or AP (i.e. those needing write access to OPEN and/or RAVE, conducting audits, or acting as primary points of contact for their organization) will utilize the RCR application to re-register at the time of their next annual registration.

Additional information on RCR can be obtained from:

To check your current registration type, visit:

For help with RCR, please refer to online help at: ,, or contact the RCR Helpdesk: