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Division 5 Training Mandatory for all CCTG trials with a CTA

On June 1, 2016 Canadian Cancer Trials Group's Division 5 training program will become mandatory for trials requiring a CTA application with Health Canada. The training program consists of a slide deck that summarizes the key aspects of Division 5 training and a short test consisting of a few questions.

  • As of Wednesday June 1st, any investigator or CRA completing a patient randomization or registration will require completion of Division 5 training.

  • As of Wednesday June 1st, any new study personnel added to a trial Participants List (PL) or changes made on a PL will require Division 5 training.

There are two ways to confirm your training

  1. If you have already completed a similar educational course (including as part of an investigator or start up meeting please contact

  2. Complete the Division 5 training program urgently. It is available in the toolbox on the Canadian Cancer Trials Group website at Click on the link under training for "Division 5 - Canadian Food and Drug Regulations" to access the program.
Important reminder letters containing this information were previously sent out to investigators and other external participants who have not yet completed the required Division 5 training. If you received one of these letters please ensure that you confirm your training as soon as possible. If you didn't receive a letter but will be participating in a trial with an investigational agent in the near future, you should take the training now to prevent being stopped from participating in the future.

Please contact if you have any questions about the Division 5 training requirement due June 1, 2016.