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Let's Boost Accrual! How can CCTG help?

The Canadian Cancer Trials Group is planning an upcoming Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) with the goal to improve accrual to Canadian Cancer Trials Group trials (both CCTG led and intergroup). At this time the focus will be on changes that can be made at Central Office to support increases in trial accrual after local activation. It is anticipated this would include mechanisms to support our member centres including provision of tools, templates or reports. Please note the impact on accrual due to surveys, local activation processes, and trial design issues (i.e. eligibility criteria) will be addressed separately.

We are looking for your input, suggestions, and feedback regarding how the CCTG Central Office can help centres improve accrual - specifically after local activation.

Suggestions may include but are not limited to efficiency strategies and/or tools or reports that could be utilized by central office to maximize accrual to CCTG trials, current obstacles to accrual and how these might be overcome, facilitators that help drive accrual, methods currently used by CCTG to influence accrual during a trial and the advantages/disadvantages of these, etc.

To provide your feedback, please visit our web-based suggestion board to leave your comments electronically:

A link to the web-based suggestion board can also be found on the CCTG member website here:

Rapid Improvement Event

We look forward to your valuable feedback!