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Trial Activations -- IND.226 Launches!

We all know how difficult it can be to get a new trial up and running. The Investigational New Drug (IND) Program has been piloting a team-based process to try to speed this up. The first trial selected was IND.226, a large phase I study testing two new immunotherapies with standard chemotherapy, which is needed to support planned phase III studies being led by Canadian Cancer Trials Group. Time, therefore, was of the essence!

The star team, led by Desiree Hao & Klara Lavoie (Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary) and Rosalyn Juergens & Yvonne Kinrade (Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton), ably abetted by Scott Laurie (IND Committee Chair), Pamela Brown-Walker (IND Study Coordinator), Jean Powers (IND Team Leader) and IT's EDC and MANGO teams (especially Trevor Beimers, David Gerryts and Shawn Smith) at Central Office managed to develop and initiate this trial in record-breaking time.
  • 31JUL2015 - Health Canada Submission
  • 28AUG2015 - Health Canada NOL
  • 28SEP2015 - OCREB and Alberta REB approvals
  • 02OCT2015 - Tom Baker, Juravinski and Ottawa locally activated
  • 04OCT2015 - First patient consented.
That's a mere 8 weeks or so from final protocol to local activation!! What's even more impressive was that protocol development took only three weeks from deciding a phase I trial was needed to actually submitting to Health Canada.

Congratulations and thanks to all who helped get this trial up and running!!