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Study Acknowledgment/Disclosure Page

Canadian Cancer Trials Group-led and Intergroup protocols typically include a Study Acknowledgment/Disclosure Form (for example, located on page 1 of the study protocol), which must be signed by the Qualified Investigator (QI) from each participating site prior to local activation. If the QI changes during the course of a study, the new QI must sign the SA/D. Please note that it is NOT required that this form be re-signed by the site QI with each amendment unless this is explicitly stated in the trial modification letter.

Effective July 29, 2015, the SA/D must now be received prior to a QI becoming active on a trial Participants List. For trials with Participants Lists in RIPPLE, the SA/D must be uploaded to the QI's record in RIPPLE (similar to the process for a financial disclosure form). The presence of the uploaded SA/D will be confirmed as part of the "requirements met" checks before the QI's status on the trial is changed to "active". For trials that use paper Participants Lists/Participants List Change Forms, a paper copy of the SA/D should continue to be submitted to Central Office.

If you have any questions about the Study Acknowledgment/Disclosure page, please contact the relevant trial team.

If you have any questions specific to RIPPLE please email: