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Canadian Cancer Trials Group IND.208 - Phase I/II Study of the P13Kinase Inhibitor BKM120 Given in Combination with Panitumumab in Patients with Metastatic or Advanced RAS-Wild Type Colorectal Cancer

The phase I portion of Canadian Cancer Trials Group IND.208 was closed to further accrual on July 14, 2015.


Canadian Cancer Trials Group Study PR.13 (MRC PR.10) - RADICALS: Radiotherapy and Androgen Deprivation In Combination After Local Surgery - a randomized controlled trial in prostate cancer

The PR.13 trial is led by the MRC and has two separate randomizations for patients who have already undergone a radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer - RADICALS-RT (assigns patients to immediate RT vs deferred RT) and RADICALS-HD (assigns patients to 0 months of hormones vs 6 months of hormones vs 24 months of hormones following their RT).

The RADICALS-HD randomization has met its accrual goal and was closed to further randomizations on June 30, 2015. Canadian sites contributed 695 patients to this part of the trial, which represents approximately 24% of overall accrual! This is a significant accomplishment for an intergroup trial!

The RADICALS-RT randomization will remain open to accrual for another year.


Canadian Cancer Trials Group MAC.12 (ECOG ACRIN PACCT-1) - Program for the Assessment of Clinical Cancer Tests (PACCT-1): Trial Assigning Individualized Options for Treatment: The TAILORx Trial

An Ancillary sub-study, EL112LAB, for investigating the determinants of late relapse was added to the MAC.12 trial (ECOG-ACRIN PACCT-1) in 2013. Eligible patients were registered to this ancillary study through a Step 3 Registration process.

We have been notified by ECOG-ACRIN that the Ancillary study EL112LAB has reached its accrual goal and was closed to accrual on July 3rd, 2015.

Thank you to all centres, staff and patients who have helped to make these trials a success!