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New EDC Report - Patient Scheduler

A report that generates a list of EDC folders by patient, both submitted and expected, is now accessible to sites. The link to the 'Site Folder Schedules - Folder Schedules for each patient at the site' is available in the Reports box on both the trial and patient levels. It is currently available for the following trials: BL.12, CO.21, CO.23, CX.5, HN.6, I208, I209, I210, I211, I213, I215, LY.15, MA.32, and PR15 and will be added for other ongoing trials as well as all new ones.

This tool will allow sites to check which folders are due at any time, but will not replace the monthly "Patients with CRFs Due at Centre CAXX" emails.

The memo has been posted on each of the trial webpages listed above, in the Memos/Newsletters/Miscellaneous section.

Please contact the trial team if you have questions.