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Canadian Cancer Trials Group LY.17 - A Multi-stage Randomized Phase II Study of Novel Combination Therapy in the Treatment of Relapsed and Refractory Aggressive B-Cell Lymphoma - was centrally activated on May 5, 2015.

Patients with relapsed and refractory aggressive B-cell lymphoma (includes diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, primary mediastinal B-cell lymphoma, and T-cell rich B-cell lymphoma, as well as transformed previous indolent lymphoma and unclassifiable B-cell lymphoma) with clinically and/or radiologically measureable disease are eligible for this trial. Patients must be 16 years old or older, must have had at least one previous regimen of therapy for their disease, and must be considered fit for intensive chemotherapy and ASCT. Patients must have a life expectancy of >90 days, and a performance status of 3 or less. Specific laboratory requirements also apply.

The overall objectives of the trial is to determine the overall response rate (complete and partial response) to novel combination therapy in patients with relapsed and refractory aggressive B-cell lymphoma.

Canadian Cancer Trials Group LY.17 is open all Canadian participating member centres.

More information about this trial can be found on the trial website at

Questions should be directed to Chad Winch, Study Coordinator, at or 613-533-6430.