Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins

Trial Management Group

2015 Permanent Trial Closure

The Canadian Cancer Trials Group's Trial Management Group has completed its annual Permanent Trial Closure assessment. Effective immediately, data submission and REB approval for the following 12 Canadian Cancer Trials Group-led trials are no longer required:
  • SC.20U
  • IND.187
  • IND.193
  • IND.194
  • IND.195
  • IND.196
  • IND.197
  • IND.198
  • IND.202
  • IND.204
  • IND.207

Centres participating on these studies should notify their REB of any outstanding ethics documents for the applicable trials above and of the final completion of these trials. A copy of this notification must be kept on file at your centre for auditing purposes.

Although these trials are permanently closed, trial documents must still be retained in accordance with applicable regulations until the date specified above.

Any questions about this should be directed to Anna Sadura, Manager, Trial Conduct at 613-533-6430 or