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New Canadian Cancer Trials Group Per Case Funding Sheet

In the coming months, Canadian Cancer Trials Group will be adopting a new template for provision of per case funding information to participating sites. The funding template will include a description, in tabular format, of the per case funding source and amount(s) provided for enrollment of patients on study, correlative study submissions, and any special funding available (i.e. one-time start-up payments, patient screening, etc.), as well as the expected timing of payments. Trial-specific instructions to sites, if applicable, will also be provided on the funding sheets.

As of January 1, 2015, funding sheets will be posted to study websites at or just prior to study activation for all new and recently-activated Canadian Cancer Trials Group studies. Funding information will no longer be provided in other study documents (memos, protocols/appendices).

Questions about this can be directed to the trial-specific Study Coordinator and their contact information can be found on the trial-specific website.