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Changes to the EDC Account Activation Process

In an effort to streamline and simplify the process of Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Account Activation, the Canadian Cancer Trials Group has changed its process. The use of trial-specific Study Account Activation Forms (SAAFs) will be phased out. Instead of the additional step of having to fill out a SAAF, Canadian Cancer Trials Group members who require EDC accounts will be able to obtain them directly through the process of membership and trial rostering.

Details can be found in the EDC Generic Data Management Guidebook posted on trial-specific websites.

To ensure a smooth transition, any SAAFs that are currently in transit, or which may be submitted in the future, will still be accepted and processed by the Canadian Cancer Trials Group office.

Please visit the Help and Technical Support Website at or contact the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Help Desk at if you have any questions.