Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins

Trial Management Group

RIPPLE - Trial-Specific Credentialing/Training Features

New features have been built into RIPPLE to accommodate trial-specific credentialing and training requirements for individuals being added to the trial PLs. For example, Financial Disclosures and Qualified Investigator Undertaking forms will be uploaded directly into RIPPLE by centre staff. These documents can be uploaded in the Trial Requirements section on each Participants List. Prior to an individual becoming "active" on the trial PL, RIPPLE will check to ensure these have been uploaded, if they are required, based on the individual's assigned role (similar to current checks for GCP training). RIPPLE will also now "talk" to the Site Training Utility (STU) to confirm the QI has completed the trial-specific training prior to becoming "active" on the trial PL.

Notifications of pending documents and training will be sent to key centre staff in a timely manner for resolution.

Details of these additional features will be included in the trial-specific memos sent to centres in advance of each new trial being added to RIPPLE.

If you have any questions, please email