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RIPPLE - New Role - Participants List Delegate (PLD)

As trials are added to the RIPPLE system (see other item in this Bulletin for a listing of new trials), the team at Canadian Cancer Trials Group continues to look for strategies to facilitate the successful use of this new system.

In April 2014, the Initiative to Streamline Clinical Trials recommendations were released ( One recommendation was that the Qualified Investigator (QI) be permitted to delegate the delegation of trial related duties. In response to this recommendation, a new role in the RIPPLE system -- the Participants List Delegate (PLD) -- has been created. This will permit the QI to "delegate the delegation" of trials staff in RIPPLE, as well as create and maintain the PL, to an appropriately qualified individual. The QI will remain ultimately responsible for the delegation of significant trial-related duties. Centres must continue to follow their local policy for trial delegation and approval.

Further details regarding this new role and its implementation will follow in the near future.

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