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RIPPLE - What Trials Are Next and When?

In April 2014, the entire Canadian roster as well as the MA.32 Participants Lists (PL) was moved into RIPPLE. Recently the following new trials were also added in RIPPLE:
  • BR.31
  • PRC.4 (activation pending)
  • ME.11 (activation pending)
It is anticipated that the majority of new trials will use RIPPLE for all Canadian centres. The trial Central Activation Letter will specify if a new trial is using RIPPLE or paper Participants Lists.

In addition to new trials, the next wave of currently open trials will be moved into RIPPLE by the end of 2014 for all Canadian participants. This includes:
  • BL.12
  • BLC.1
  • PR.15
  • ALC.3
  • LYC.1
  • SRC.6
  • MA.32F
  • MAC.14
  • MAC.15
  • CX.5
  • PR.13
  • CRC.6
  • HEC.1
  • MA.33
  • MEC.3
  • BRC.5
  • PRC.3
  • CEC.1
  • CRC.7
  • CO.21
  • IND.208
  • IND.209
  • IND.201
  • IND.211
  • IND.213
  • IND.215
Prior to any trial moving into RIPPLE, trial-specific memos with additional details will be distributed to all participating centres.

If you have any questions, please email