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Drug Accountability Logs

All Canadian Cancer Trials Group trials, either led by our Group or by an Intergroup partner, utilize a templated Drug Accountability Log (DAL) for agents where drug accountability documentation is required. This DAL is compliant with Canadian regulatory requirements and, because a standard DAL is consistently used across trials, complete and accurate reporting is facilitated. The DAL currently in use was developed with input from the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Pharmacists Network and the NCI US Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program and was approved for use on US-led trials.

Although the NCI US recently announced a new version of the Investigational Agent Accountability Record (DARF) for oral agents to be used on NCI-affiliated trials conducted in Canada, the NCI US has agreed to Canadian Cancer Trials Group continuing to use existing standardized Canadian Cancer Trials Group Drug Accountability Logs in order to meet Canadian requirements (expiry date). These logs may be found on the trial specific pages of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group website.

For more information, please contact Anna Sadura, Manager of Trial Management, at 613-533-6430 or