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RIPPLE and Investigator Credentialing

Effective April 28, 2014, the Roster Interface Program & Participants List Environment (RIPPLE) system was implemented for all Canadian Canadian Cancer Trials Group member centres. This includes the member registration component for all Canadian centre personnel (regardless of which trials they are active on), as well as the Participants Lists (PLs) for the MA.32 trial. In addition, the updated Policy for Investigator Credentialing and reference document for Participants List & Qualified Investigator Delegation of Duties was also implemented. This policy can be found on the CTG website at:

How Will This Affect You?
  • All member account information for all Canadian centre members, as well as all existing PLs for the MA.32 trial (participants, roles, delegated duties, and relevant dates), are now available in RIPPLE.
  • RIPPLE should now be used to manage member account information and to submit new member registrations.
  • All changes to the MA.32 PL will now be completed directly in the RIPPLE system.
  • Prior to being effective, all changes to the MA.32 PL made by the Remote Roster Administrator or the Participants List Administrator (including additions/removals/changes in trial personnel/roles and duties) must be approved in RIPPLE by the QI who will receive email notifications of all of these changes.
  • To assist with the transition, MA.32 paper PLCFs will be accepted until, but not beyond, May 16 (after which time they will be returned and centres will be required to make the changes in RIPPLE).
  • All other applicable trials have updated (version 8) PL/PLCFs posted to their trial websites to reflect the new credentialing/delegation of duties policies.
  • To assist with the transition to the new policy, previous versions of the PL/PLCFs will be accepted until, but not beyond, May 16 (after which time they will be returned and centres will be required to submit version 8 PL/PLCFs).

Special Notes
  • The Investigator Registration component of RIPPLE is pending final changes and is not yet available in RIPPLE - further information of the implementation will follow soon.
  • Participant Signature Forms will be required for all members active on Canadian Cancer Trials Group trials -- we are developing a plan to facilitate this initial process for centres and more details will follow soon.
  • While MA.32 PL administration has now been added to RIPPLE, it is anticipated that other trials will follow in RIPPLE shortly after -- notification will be sent to all centres in advance of each new trial being added to RIPPLE.

Questions About RIPPLE?

If you have any questions about the RIPPLE system, the following resources are available:
  • Additional information (for example, training slides, FAQs, memos) may be accessed either by clicking on the RIPPLE Information link on the Canadian Cancer Trials Group main page or by clicking on Resources or FAQs on the top tool bar within the RIPPLE system.
  • RIPPLE at Spring Meeting (May 2-3, 2014)
    • RIPPLE demonstration during the CRA session on Friday;
    • RIPPLE overview (with a focus on investigator-related items) during the Centre Representatives, CCRAs and Disease Site Chairs lunch on Friday; and,
    • RIPPLE IT information booth Friday and Saturday morning for questions.
  • Email any questions or feedback to (please note new email address).