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Trial Activation

We are pleased to inform you that Canadian Cancer Trials Group PR.15 - A Randomized Phase II Feasibility Trial of Image Guided External Beam Radiotherapy With or Without High Dose Rate Brachytherapy Boost in Men with Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer - was activated November 5.

The primary objective of this feasibility study is to assess the ability of Canadian investigators from multiple institutions to randomize patients to curative intent IGRT or IGRT with HDR brachytherapy boost.

Secondary Objectives include:
To assess both treatment arms with respect to:
  • Acute treatment related GU and GI adverse events.
  • Validating a prospectively defined radiation oncology quality assurance process that assesses compliance with protocol specified radiotherapy treatment parameters.
  • Treatment compliance.

The trial is aiming to enroll 60 men with intermediate-risk prostate cancer over an 18 month period.