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OV.21 Accrual Surpasses 100 Patients

Canadian Cancer Trials Group is very pleased to announce that on July 3, 2012, OV.21 -- A Phase II/III Trial of Intraperitoneal (IP) Plus Intravenous (IV) Chemotherapy Versus IV Carboplatin Plus Paclitaxel in Patients With Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Optimally Debulked at Surgery Following Neoadjuvant Intravenous Chemotherapy -- hit the 100 patient mark!!

The trial is well on its way to reaching its target accrual of 150 patients for the phase II portion of this important trial.

The Canadian Cancer Trials Group would like to thank all of its participating sites for their continued support of this trial.

We are also grateful for the support of our international collaborators. Since its first site activation in November, 2011, GEICO (Spain) has accrued a total of 10 patients to OV.21, while in the United Kingdom, UCL has accrued a total of 23 patients since its first sites were activated in May, 2011.

Congratulations to all those who have helped make this trial a success, and keep up the good work!

If you have questions or are interested in participating in this trial, please contact Chad Winch, OV.21 Study Coordinator, at 613-533-6430 or