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Transition of Leadership of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group CRA Executive

After 7 years of outstanding leadership, Brenda Kowaleski will be stepping down as Chair of the Clinical Research Associates Executive Committee. Succeeding Brenda in this important role will be Lynn Dwernychuk from the Saskatoon Cancer Centre, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. The Canadian Cancer Trials Group thanks Brenda for her years of stellar service and contributions, and welcomes Lynn to this new role.

Brenda became the Chair of the CRA Steering Committee in 2005. During her tenure, there has been incredible growth in this committee and under Brenda's leadership, many aspects of trial approval, activation, and implementation have been refined based on input obtained through her leadership. Brenda has played a vital role in the CRA education program, Canadian Cancer Trials Group policies, including the adoption of electronic data capture, and is a highly valued member of our Clinical Trials Committee.

The Canadian Cancer Trials Group welcomes Lynn to this important role. Lynn is the Provincial Manager of Clinical Trials at the Allan Blair Cancer Centre, Regina, and the Saskatoon Cancer Centre. She has a wealth of experience in a number of roles with respect to clinical research. Her work has been based with the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency since 2002 and prior to that she had extensive experience as a research nurse and project manager in the fields of respirology and cardiology. Lynn has been a member of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group's CRA Education Subcommittee since 2006 and Chair since 2009. As a member of the CRA Steering Committee, she has had major input into the design and implementation of this committee's transition to its current Clinical Research Associates Executive Committee.

The Canadian Cancer Trials Group is very grateful for the leadership and years of service that Brenda has provided
and look forward to working with Lynn as she takes on this new role.