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Working Group on Economic Analysis Has A New Name

The Working Group on Economic Analysis (WGEA) has a new name! The former WGEA is now the Committee on Economic Analysis (CEA). This change reflects the increased importance of economic studies in Canadian Cancer Trials Group trials and the outstanding evaluations the WGEA received at the last Site Visit conducted by the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute.

The WGEA was first formed in 1996 as an exploratory working group that included the vision and leadership provided by Dr. Bill Evans. Since that time, the WGEA has evolved from establishing principles about conducting economic evaluations alongside clinical trials to successfully conducting and reporting these analyses. Much as is the case with our Quality of Life Committee, Canadian Cancer Trials Group default positions now include considering whether an economic evaluation should be included as part of our phase III trials.

We are very grateful for the leadership that Drs Nicole Mittmann and Natasha Leighl bring to the CEA and look forward to the Committee's future accomplishments.

For further information on CEA activities see the link to our website at: