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CRA Program and Spring Meeting 2011

The Clinical Research Associates Steering Group (CRASG) is pleased to announce a new program of CRA activities for this year's Spring Meeting of Participants.

Please join us on Friday April 29 for:

- New CRA "Meet and Greet". If you are new to Canadian Cancer Trials Group trials, drop in to meet members of your CRA Steering Group and Subcommittees, as well as Central Office staff

- A series of concurrent workshops focusing on issues in Canadian Cancer Trials Group clinical trials conduct. Sessions will include Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Tips and Tricks, RECIST 1.1, Intergroup Study Processes, Ethics/Regulatory Updates, Compliance topics and more....

- Policy updates from the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Central Office - a review of changes over the past year

- "Network" - a structured one-on-one opportunity to interact with Central Office staff about individual trial conduct, ethics and regulatory issues, study monitoring and electronic data capture.

- OV.21, SC.23 and CO.21 trial workshops

This year, in addition to a new program and format, CRA activities are "going green"! Slide presentations will be posted on the CRA website prior to the meeting; handouts will not be provided.

We are excited about our full day of CRA activities and look forward to seeing you there.

Please check out the full schedule and presentations at