Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins

Trial Management Group

Reminders -- Supporting Documentation and Data Queries

Supporting documentation requirements:

Canadian Cancer Trials Group protocols specify data collection requirements for a trial, including a requirement to submit selected supporting documentation (e.g. diagnostic pathology, radiology reports). These protocol-mandated supporting documents are reviewed centrally against case report forms (electronic or paper) to verify reported data. Unsolicited reports are not reviewed, and thus site staff are reminded to check the protocol to avoid submitting any materials that have not been mandated. We hope this reminder saves time and effort at participating centres.

Replying to data queries:

Canadian Cancer Trials Group issues data queries for information which is missing, ambiguous, or which is inconsistent with supporting documentation. We encourage sites to reply to data queries once all requested information is available and a complete reply can be submitted. Query replies which indicate that some information is pending unfortunately result in re-querying, which is time consuming for everyone! Provision of complete responses should minimize the workload for all. Please note query rates are under review centrally.