Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins

Trial Management Group

Changes to Trial Management Group (TMG)

Central Office recently underwent a process to evaluate the Trial Management portfolio aimed at identifying the optimal structure and processes to facilitate quality and efficiency in our trial development and management processes, and contribute to quality of work life.

This process, led by Anna Sadura, Manager of our Trial Management Group (TMG), with input from Central Office Study Coordinators, Research Associates, Clinical Trials Assistants and others, has resulted in a new team structure that creates groupings of trials and staff working with team leaders.

Team Leaders will be responsible for management of staff and projects and, together with the TMG Manager, will collectively work towards developing common processes for leading teams, implementing procedures and other cross-team issues.

The optimal number of teams within TMG has been carefully considered in order to optimize the functioning and success of the new model. Our goal has been to ensure flexibility and capacity within teams (including ability to take on new work), consistency, and collaboration both within teams and among Team Leaders. After consideration of various possibilities, three teams will be created within the phase III program, with an additional team in IND.

As a result of these changes, staff at our participating centres should check trial websites for current information about Canadian Cancer Trials Group staffing assignments to trials.

Questions about this can be directed to Anna Sadura at 613-533-6430 or