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Additional Centre Funding for Electronic Data Capture

The launch of the new Canadian Cancer Trials Group EDC system (Medidata RAVE) has gone very well over the last year and we are getting great reviews from centres so far on our efforts to provide you with a user-friendly data management system.

In recognition of the local efforts centres are putting into set-up and training for EDC, the Canadian Cancer Trials Group will provide additional funding. Each Canadian centre will receive $7,500 for the first patient enrolled on the first EDC trial done at their centre and an additional $2,500 for the first patient on the centre's second Canadian Cancer Trials Group EDC trial. Funds are in addition to usual per case funding. The EDC funding will be distributed starting July 1st, 2008, but for centres which have already enrolled patients on Canadian Cancer Trials Group EDC trials, the funding will be retroactive. Within each centre, funds will be paid to the fundee designated by local Centre Representatives.

Trials currently collecting data via EDC are CE6, CO20 and PR12. A big thank you again to all our sites for their efforts and feedback on the EDC system to date.

If you have any questions about this, please contact LeeAnne Howland, 613-533-6430 or