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Canadian Cancer Trials Group Gynecology Site Committee Leadership

Drs Gavin Stuart and Amit Oza will be stepping down as Co‐Chairs of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group's Gynecology Site Committee. The Canadian Cancer Trials Group has been extremely fortunate to have had such exemplary leadership from Dr. Stuart (March 1, 1994) and Dr. Oza (August 26, 2003). To their enormous credit, during their tenures, the Gynecology Committee has conducted practice‐changing trials in ovarian, endometrial and cervical cancer. We have been recognized as international leaders and received exemplary reviews from the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute and NCI/CTEP. We are key and, in fact, founding members of the Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup (GCIG) and are embedded within the NCI/CTEP Task Force and Steering Committee processes.

We are extremely grateful to Drs. Stuart and Oza for their leadership and look forward to continued collaborations.

The process of Site Chair succession has been discussed by the Gynecology Site Committee Executive, and it was recommended that a nomination process for Site Chair succession be developed. This process will include self‐nomination or nomination by a colleague. In addition to leadership capacities and other attributes, the Gynecology Executive has emphasized that a Co‐Chair model should be a priority with the Co‐Chairs coming from different disciplines.

Dr. Ralph Meyer, Director of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group, has, therefore, set up a process for identification of potential candidates. A memo describing this process is available using this link ...

As this process proceeds, updates will be provided in future editions of the Bulletin.

Once again, the Canadian Cancer Trials Group wishes to thank Drs Stuart and Oza for their commitment to the Canadian Cancer Trials Group and for all their efforts on its behalf.