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Finance and Operations

2011 Spring Meeting of Participants

The Canadian Cancer Trials Group 2011 Spring Meeting of Participants will be held 29 April - 1 May at the Delta Chelsea Hotel in Toronto.


Full-funded invitations have been sent out today (see Invitation Policy).

As has been done the past couple of years, invitations will be sent by email only. Paper invitations will not be sent.

Meeting Information
Travel and hotel information, a draft Schedule of Events, and our meetings policies, including the Invitation Policy, Registration Policy, and Travel Reimbursement Policy, are now posted on the Spring Meeting 2011 website ...

All Meeting Participants should review this information carefully so that they are clear on the type of invitation they have received and the funding support associated with their invitation.

Spring Meeting Book
Once again, we will not be producing a paper meeting book. Instead, trial reports will be available on the website shortly before Spring Meeting.

We will keep you updated on all 2011 Spring Meeting activities in future Bulletins.

If you have any Spring Meeting questions or problems, please contact Anne Biggar at