Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins

Finance and Operations

What's in a Name?

As a result of organizational changes at the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), the National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC) ceased to exist. Thus, a portion of our name, NCIC, became an acronym without meaning. Although we have been known as Canadian Cancer Trials Group since the inception of the Group in 1980, it is time for a change. We need a new name!

We would like to invite our members to help create a name that represents our identity. Our name should identify us to Group members, partners, and the public around the world. As guidance, the name:
  • May identify us as national in scope and as Canadian
  • May indicate that we conduct clinical research in oncology/cancer
  • May not use "Canadian Cancer Society" or CCS as part of the name
  • May have an interesting or unique acronym

All members are invited to provide input /suggestions. The deadline is Sept 30, 2010. Suggestions will be reviewed by a selection committee (yet to be named), which will provide advice to the Director.

Please send your suggestions to Lawrence Cleary, Financial Officer, at