Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins


Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners who are formally credentialed will be permitted to participate in Canadian Cancer Trials Group trials as "clinical investigators".

Nurse practitioners fall into the same category as clinical investigators as defined in the Guidance for Investigators document. Please refer to this document when determining which duties can be delegated to nurse practitioners. It is the principal investigator's responsibility to delegate significant trial-related duties.

Nurse practitioners are required to meet the same regulatory requirements as other investigators. These include:
  • CV on file at Canadian Cancer Trials Group (credentials and hospital appointment must be included in CV)
    • All CVs are reviewed and approved by the Group Director.
  • NIH ethics education
  • GCP training (all modules)
  • Be listed on the trial participant list

If you have any questions about nurse practitioners participating on Canadian Cancer Trials Group clinical trials, please contact Tabitha Docteur,, in the Operations Office at 613-533-6430.